Announcing Apache Flink 1.1.0

08 Aug 2016

Important: The Maven artifacts published with version 1.1.0 on Maven central have a Hadoop dependency issue. It is highly recommended to use 1.1.1 or 1.1.1-hadoop1 as the Flink version.

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Stream Processing for Everyone with SQL and Apache Flink

24 May 2016 by Fabian Hueske (@fhueske)

About six months ago, the Apache Flink community started an effort to add a SQL interface for stream data analysis. SQL is the standard language to access and process data. Everybody who occasionally analyzes data is familiar with SQL. Consequently, a SQL interface for stream data processing will make this technology accessible to a much wider audience. Moreover, SQL support for streaming data will also enable new use cases such as interactive and ad-hoc stream analysis and significantly simplify many applications including stream ingestion and simple transformations.

In this blog post, we report on the current status, architectural design, and future plans of the Apache Flink community to implement support for SQL as a language for analyzing data streams.

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